22 June 2010

Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help (Extended Edition)

Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help (Extended Edition)
Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help (Extended Edition)

For those of you who prefer the DVD Director's cut of a movie to the theatrical version - this is kind of what that is, in Milrose book format.  Some of it is very subtle, while other chapters are essentially re-written.  Knowing that I'd want to review this and having a horrific memory I broke out the original so that I could compare the two, here and there when I found myself asking myself  "Hmm, is this part a little different?" What did I find?  Yes, there are parts that were edited so subtly that you'd have to either have the book memorized or be comparing them side by side to notice. On the other hand, many of the edits were so obvious that even with said bad memory, I recognized immediately they were in fact edits - no need to compare the two editions to jog my memory as the entire chapter felt new to me. Never fear,  it's still the same Milrose you loved if you read the original (you did love him didn't you?) -- it's just MORE of him and some new... well you'll have to read it to find out what the new is.

So is it worth buying the "Expanded" Version of Milrose? 
- If you haven't read Milrose and have been at all considering reading it - YES this is the version to read. 

- If you loved the original edition of Milrose - YES, the extras are worth it, I'm not disappointed that I bumped it to the top of my to read list.

- If you were only so-so about the first book - You can probably pass on this one as it's not going to be enough to change your mind about the book.

For me? I'm impressed enough with this book and author that I've already offered to buy a copy for someone else, if that tells you anything. 

And if you somehow hadn't yet heard of Milrose before stumbling upon this page, here is my review of the original version:

Milrose Munce is the type of teenager that everyone can find a reason to like. He's smarter than his teachers, yet uses his smarts in such delightful ways. He doesn't come off as better than anyone, unless they deserve it, in which case Milrose takes great care to be sure they have no idea he's insulting them. No,  instead our hero uses his intelligence to his advantage, to play games with people. And while his uniqueness does seem to gain him mostly positive attention (except from the occasional teacher), he doesn't really fit in with anyone. Not anyone living anyway. All of his closest friends are dead. And when the school officials notice you patting the air on the back and laughing at jokes being told by no one, what do they do? Well they get you Professional  help -- in a den. That turns out to be a lot more fun for the reader of this book than it is for Milrose.

This book is very smart and funny. I'd highly recommended even for people who might not traditionally flock to YA books (though I do like them myself). It does have a more advanced vocabulary than some YA / Children's books but the content itself is okay for even some younger readers if they are strong readers. I'm going to recommend it to my 9 year old nephew who reads at a more advanced level. 5/5 stars



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