04 May 2010


Pretties (The Uglies)

First - I read this in the Kindle format. Be forewarned there are some errors that I would assume are probably (hopefully) just in the Kindle version (as of May 2010). They don't make it totally unreadable, but they are a bit annoying. Things like missing periods or a period followed by a paragraph break in the middle of a sentence. Hyphens in the middle of words. "The Smoke" being called "die Smoke". Or "I'm scared" being "Fm scared". Silly things that could have been found if the editor had simply skimmed the Kindle / eBook edition even once. 2/5 to the editor.

Okay, that said, onto the content. It is nowhere near as good as the first book in the series: Uglies. Probably because we're now focusing on the lives of pretties. The language has changed. Some new characters have been added. Everything is so "Bubbly" to the point you'll be sick of the word "bubbly" by the end of the book. Still it is good. Not great, but good. We follow Tally as she's already been made Pretty. Will David come back for her with a cure in hand? Will she really want it if he does? That's what this book is all about. Picking up right where Uglies left off, seeing just how much prettydom has changed Tally. Can it be undone? Is there a cure? If so is there a price? Even if there is a cure, do Pretties want to be cured, even if they know the truth about what being Pretty means?

Despite not living up to the first in my eyes, it was good enough to make me want to move onto the third. 3/5 stars



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