16 March 2010

I read and loved Eyes Like Stars: Theatre Illuminata, Act I, so upon seeing this post by Lisa Mantchev announcing a contest to win an ARC of:
Perchance to Dream: Theatre Illuminata #2
Perchance to Dream: Theatre Illuminata #2

Well, how could I not give it a shot?

The problem? Her fairies LOVE sweets. They find them all irresistible. I don't really cook so I have no recipes just sitting around. And even if I did, they'd just be hand me downs. Nothing so impressive that they'd outdo whatever fabulous entries others would send their way. Hrmph. What's a girl to do?

I'll tell you what she's to do! The internet. And rumours. Ya see, I've heard a thing a two about fairies. I happen to know that sweets aren't the only things they're curious about. They like gardens too. But frankly, cakes and flowers *yawn*. Been done to death. But a house that a fairy might live in? Well they're a curious bunch, I bet they'd check that out.

Perhaps something like this?
This cake and others like it can be found here.

Yes, that could grab their attention. And as those oh so curious fairies get close enough to investigate? And find that it's actually sugary edible goodness instead of some other unknown Fae's home? Well, how could they resist an edible home?

I doubt they'll share with Lisa. And she may have to give up writing as constantly baking new homes for said fairies will be quite time consuming. But hey, she asked for it.



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