02 February 2010



InterWorld is the story of Joey, a teen boy who you'd not send on an errand to fetch you something from down the hall as he'd get lost. Still, somehow, it was a bit of a surprise to him when he managed to get so lost that he walked right into a whole 'nother world. Oh and when he did, he learned that he's a walker, one who walks between the various worlds -- an important role as he can lead teams who try to keep the peace in all of these worlds. But what if he'd rather go back home? It's possible. But it seems that is a one way trip, no more walking. So does he go home, knowing that he'll forget that all of these other worlds exist? Stay and become a peacekeeping walker? Maybe find a way to do all of the above?

The premise of the story is good. It just felt like there were some things that were slow, others perhaps a bit rushed. Some of the characters could have been flushed out a bit more. Overall it was an okay book, but nowhere near as good as Gaiman's other works.

3/5 stars



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