02 February 2010

I decided to put this whole e-book thing into real world perceptive. I went through the Amazon best seller list. Not the kindle list -- the book one. I took the first book I've not read but will / would.

Dead in the Family: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood). Currently #18 on Amazon's best seller list. One of Macmillan's authors (though not this particular series). List Price (which is what Macmillan is really basing the value of all books at) $25.95.

Current price for hardcover at amazon: $12.00. Current Kindle Price: $10.80.

Okay well they say Amazon is selling books too cheap.

BN price - Harcover $14.01
ebook - $10.80

WalMart - Hardcover - $11.99 (yes, cheaper than Amazon by 1 cent).

Overstock.com - $13.79

Powells - $25.95 Or $18 two different versions show up (one says trade paper and I doubt that they're charging $18 to pre-order a paperback that's not even on pre-order yet).

That's a good enough sample. I tried Target, they don't have it online. I wouldn't actually shop at overstock probably... But I figured I'd do a Google shopping search. Realistically I buy books from Amazon, BN, and would probably consider Target or if hard to find Powells.

Okay... Now Macmillan tells me ebooks are worth $15 because hardcovers cost $25. But they don't. The rare store sells at list price. Most discount and discount and discount. Publishers have known this forever and ever. Now they decided ooopsie. It was a mistake to let them say our books were worth $10-12 when we said $18-25. Well, too late. Customers got spoiled. Now raising prices just like THAT, boom, overnight? Not a wise move. I don't think an e-book is worth more than I've been paying for hardcover.



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