01 December 2009

Beautiful Creatures

Oh I know, I'll start using this blog for my Amazon reviews. Since it's just sitting here.

My Review for the book: Beautiful Creatures

Ethan lives in the small town of Gatlin. The kind of town where everyone knows everyone else's business. Where nothing much happens. Except for dreams. In Ethan's case dreams of being the one who finally gets out of town. And dreams of a girl. Nightmares actually. Since he's always trying to save this girl and she's always slipping out of his reach.

And then, along comes Lena. The new girl in town. Niece to the old shut in. You know, the one who lives in the haunted house. The one that everyone whispers about. Because of who she is, this automatically makes her the outsider. Trouble. Ethan is drawn to her because of or in spite of this.

And that's when they start to discover that perhaps Gatlin isn't quite as dull as Ethan has always suspected it to be. It had a history well beyond what he's always heard. There's a whole 'nother side to it. And before Lena's sixteenth birthday Lena and Ethan need to figure out just what's going on in the town, or they may not have a future -- not together, not even separately.

While it's not about vampires, nor is about wizards I'd almost call this a cross between Twilight and Harry Potter. If you like the two of those, this is probably perfect for you. It was left wide open so I can image a sequel in the works. 4/5 stars



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