01 December 2009

Rosemary and Rue: An October Daye Novel

October "Toby" Daye has a bit of a problem. She's been trapped as fish in a pond for fourteen years. As a changeling (half-human and half-faerie) it seems that her faerie friends were more than willing to accept that she's come back, even as she's shunning them. The human husband and daughter that she'd had before her stint in the pond? They're not so welcoming. They don't seem to care whether she'd been kidnapped, left them by choice, or had hit her head and lost her memory for all of these years. We never really meet them. They accepted her death long ago and would apparently prefer to go on pretending that she's still dead, even after they learn she's been found.

This leaves Toby feeling as though she has no home and no purpose -- Unless you consider working the late shift in a grocery store, while refusing everyone's calls a purpose. And then one day while checking her answering machine Toby receives a message which will give her a reason to live, whether she likes it or not. Solve a murder, or die of a curse.

I was torn between four and five stars. It's a really good book. But it also felt as though several of the characters in Toby's world were somehow lost in the story, even though it's clear they'll be important in the series. I suspect that the next book might be the five star one for me -- as we see more character development.

4/5 stars



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