07 December 2009

Kindle in my future?

In case it's not obvious, I'm an Amazon addict. I've asked for a Kindle for Christmas as my bookshelves, which are limited, went from happy to sad this year. I figured with a Kindle I could keep them happy. I'd only have to buy comic books and other image happy books in hard copy (art books, etc). What I didn't realize until now is that Amazon also has Kindle for PC so that you can just download Kindle books on your PC. And if you look at the Kindle Bestsellers page you'll often find free books. Sure many are books in the public domain. But many are also books by authors who seem to just want to get you hooked on them, a series, etc. So w00t! One there is a book that's gotta be about 9-10 years old or so. I have the hard copy and never got around to reading it, oops. I bought it back when I was in school and up to my ears in legal papers so I downloaded it. I'm not a fan of reading THAT much on my computer screen, but I figured if I do get the Kindle for Christmas, I'm ahead a few books. It might be the incentive for me to read some classics I've never read too. I'm actually debating between it and the Nook. But I'm such an Amazon girl, I'll probably stay true to them. Though I like B&N as a real world store, they're convenient where I live. I like that their reader has a replaceable battery and expandable memory. But, I dunno I think Kindle with be the one I ask for as Amazon as always been so good to me and has saved me a fortune.



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