27 September 2009

I do use my sketchbooks

So I do use my sketchbooks. They’re a mess of course as I mostly just doodle stuff like practice cartoon’y eyes and half faces. Tons of stuff like that, multiple things like that one one page. Often overlapping each other on a page. I’m a freak. But I figured I’d take pics of a few of those things that you can still identify in those messes and post them here.

Just a random cartoon't guy sketch

I could swear I posted this guy before, maybe I just planned to because I had been digitizing him. Maybe I’ll post that wip version too. Just some random BatBoy that also looked kind of Werewolf’y to me. I dunno wtf he is really, I just drew and that’s what he became.

Batboy sketch
Yeah, here he is. Still in progress though he has been forever, so maybe he’ll never be done, can’t figure out what to do with him.

BatBoy Digital

No, I can’t draw from reference pics yet, obviously. And I should use a ruler or something instead of trying to draw lines on my own  But this is based on one of the CA missions. LaPurisma maybe? I forget now.

Really bad sketch based on one of the Missions



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