21 July 2009

Sewing set up

So far –
I figured out how to thread the machine even though I decided to skip the manual as it’s a joint manual for multiple models so all of the this may not apply to your model but this might = I might not want to figure out which does and which doesn’t. Decided to just go for online videos but videos are for machines nothing like mine as mine as a feature that auto feeds the bobbin in and me never having thread a machine in my life and really never having seen one that auto does it? I was confused. But I figured it out anyway.

So then I figure well I should practice sewing a straight line and forgot to buy practice material. Ooopsie.. So I tore apart one of the few pairs of pants I still had that hadn’t been given away but that look like one of those weight loss commercials if I put them on. But Dutchie the cat thought she’d help by sitting on the chair (better than the machine I’ll give her that) and wouldn’t move. So I sat around her best I could since if I moved her she just came right back, and found I could basically sew a straight line — oddly enough this impressed me because I found that when I tore the pants apart it seems that not so cheap clothes actually aren’t sewn with uber straight lines anyway, fairly straight sure, but perfectionist me would have thought it has to be PERFECTLY straight, guess not. I need to practice more goes back over the same spot — don’t get that straight every time.

Then I tried sewing the zipper from those pants onto the torn up material and think I can probably do that. So am getting the basics down. Fear me.

The new material arrives tomorrow. Not sure I’m ready to try the patterns yet, but getting there. Still not sure I NEED a pattern except for the wallet.



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