03 April 2009

Even though there have been a few episodes in this season of Smallville that were just eh, so so, I must say I'm glad that it appears that CW has picked it up for season 9. I didn't think it could even survive this season but I actually want to watch it every week, more so than the last season or two. Even without Lex and I loved Lex. Even with a Doomsday plot and I laughed out loud, for real, when I heard Smallville is going to try a Doomsday plot of some sort. Doing their own thing with all of this stuff is totally working for me. I'd probably even watch a Justice league / Green Arrow spinoff at this point since the current writers seem like they could be setting it up for that, and are doing it well. Or at least well enough to keep me happy, without going toooooo cheesy though a little cheesy now and then. Sorry you can't avoid some cheesiness when doing a comic book story line. Why do they always make me feel sorry for and/or like the bad guys though, damn them.



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