22 March 2009

Get Your Hair Out of Your Eyes

Made in Twisted Brush, of course… The name is because, well duh, the hair ended up over her eye and it reminded me of how I never really have bangs and my hair always used to end up like that so mom always nagged me to get it out of my eyes

And the conversation about my resident art critic over this girl…

[Me] me to brian: I should show you the cartoony chick I’m working on so you can tell me she’s missing boobs
[Me] then I show him
[Me] Brian: she’s pretty, kind of looks like Jennifer Aniston, but you’re right about the boobs
[MiSi] hahahah
[MiSi] you should draw a chick with a set of like triple D boobs and see if he says anything
[Me] I should just draw boobs
[MiSi] hahaha
[MiSi] he’d probably like that
[Me] or a butt



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