12 February 2009

The Christian Bale thing

So by now everyone on the planet has heard of the Christian Bale outburst. I can't believe how judgmental everyone was.

First off, I saw people on news shows saying they weren't sure they could see movies he was in because of foul his mouth was to a co-worker, blah blah, he's a diva, blah blah. Ok fine, guess what if you're not gonna see a movie because someone who worked on it isn't perfect then you better not see another movie ever again. And frankly I'm more upset someone leaked it. Presumably someone from the insurance company as it seems the movie studio sent it to the insurance company to protect themselves. Well hey, I'm more worried about the fact that insurance company employees don't value the trust we place in them the keep confidential files, ohh confidential. I'd like to know someone was fired or that the leak is being investigated. I doubt say a producer leaked it, possible but unlikely given it could damage the movie's star / movie.

Second off, out of context I wasn't ready to judge it, still am not. I wasn't there. I have now finally taken the time to listen his public apology and I found it to be sincere. In fact he touched on something I've heard from someone who works in Hollywood. That the best actors get truly worked up and lost in their characters, they prepare before a scene, build up their emotions, etc. They're not really just acting they're really throwing everything into what they're doing in ways those of us who haven't watched it can't appreciate. I've heard it described as almost scary to watch. I don't know what happened that day but I know that they can work hours as long as 18+ hours a day (probably not the actors) and sometimes 7 days a week on a movie when it goes into crunch mode. If something goes wrong and someone is in the right, err wrong, state of mind they'll snap. Doesn't make it ok, but they get over it, move on, and leaking it and turning it into a OMG I'll never watch a movie with that guy in it again event is BS.



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