03 October 2008

OJ Simpson and his co-defendant have been found guilty on all charges. I am sure that some will claim it's his celebrity status. Or the jury trying to make right for the "other trial" but the fact is the man took a group of men with guns to a hotel room to steal items he felt were his. They turned on him when caught to save themselves. There were recordings of the event because his buddies knew hey this is OJ... even with the victims wishy washy on whether they wanted him busted or not, the law is the law and intent is intent. He screwed up and jurors are smart. And now he pays for this stupid action. Hell with the whole world having a camera on a cell phone in their pocket, who really takes a group of large men with guns to a tiny hotel room anyway, when you're OJ Simpson? So much could have gone wrong and you'd have a hotel full of people taking pics...



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