27 September 2008

Self Portrait 2008

Ok I did mom’s self portrait thing already! Yeah I was quick for once. As I was working on it Brian said it resembled Karina (he hadn’t seen the latest picture of me so I showed that to him too). I reminded him Karina IS my sister. He told me he realized that but he’d never noticed a resemblance before. We do have different dads but how could he not notice any resemblance? Mom’s genes are super strong, I’m not sure that physically there is any of my dad showing in me at all, heh. Anyway, I’ll take it as a compliment, my sister is pretty.

Created in Twisted Brush Pro

Now I’ve decided I need another new project. Still can’t get the Misi one right, argh I’ve given myself until Christmas to finish it at least. Even though I’ve no desire to run off to see the Twilight Movie when it comes out (I do want to see it when it comes out on dvd to see what they do with it and because I am a little curious — just not curious enough to have Brian kill me which is what he’d do if I were to drag him to the theater for a teenage vampire love story) I do like some of the posters for the movie from an artistic standpoint, the colouring etc. I showed them to Brian and told him I think I want to do digital paintings of them next due to the limited colours. He said he couldn’t do it. Hmm and here I thought my art is “cheating” Now I’m challenged. So that’s my next project. Mr. gets paid to do art for a living can’t do it? And I think it’s cheating… I started one, it is actually hard to do. I’m not trying to recreate the poster image exactly. I’ve given up on pretending I can even attempt photo realism, etc…. Just going for my style. But… yeah. Now I know why Brian said he can’t do it, it’s a bitch.



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