11 September 2008

Kanye West and his bodyguard were arrested at LAX today after an altercation with the paparazzi.

I have super strong opinions on the paparazzi, I must say. It's stalking, plain and simple. If someone stood outside of MY door, took pics, followed ME everywhere I went, did the same to my family and friends, it'd be called stalking PERIOD. No matter if they claimed "Hey it's public streets" or not, they'd have a restraining order against them and they'd be in jail. End of story.

But I'm not an actor, singer, politician, etc. The thing is these people pose for pics, give interviews. They also go to clubs, charity events, red carpet events like award shows, etc that are really fair game for the "paparazzi" to go stand outside of taking pics at. But "regular people" things like, I dunno, your home, getting on a plane, grocery shopping, driving in your car, etc those to me seem off limits. Family, friends, going out to just "normal" places. Leave them alone already. If they wanted to be seen they'd go to those clubs where you go to be seen.

They have to fly. They have to eat. Leave them all alone. TMZ has a video up of their guy who was there basically saying he's afraid to see Kanye West again. He explains that they already knew Kanye didn't like being stalked by them before today and they did it anyway. And now they know he's REALLY upset. Well... DUH. If you know he's not going to be happy. If you know you're not going to get him to say anything kind to you. If you know he doesn't want you in his face. If you know he's just minding his own business and you're bothering him and that you upset him more and more each time, why not just respect that he'd like to be left alone and only take those pictures in appropriate places and in appropriate times? Are you TRYING to get him to hurt you?

How would you feel if someone published your home address, that of your family? Stood outside of your home 24/7? Followed you everywhere you went? Took pics and videos of everything you did? ALWAYS? I suspect you'd get pissed and sooner or later you'd say or do something to snap at them too. And if they KNEW you didn't like it... and kept doing it anyway? Wouldn't you feel violated?

I'm not saying what Kanye West did is right, but I'm not so sure I wouldn't snap either. I like my privacy. I like to be treated with respect. I'm polite to others I expect to be treated with respect as well. And man... if anyone ever went after my nephew with cameras like that... I might turn violent and I've never so much as been in a fist fight.



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