24 September 2008

City View

She started out as just a face on a random digital doodle page, I liked her face so I decided to turn her into more but eh my drawing skills suck still so I decided to attempt to draw a comic book’y simple skyline behind her then well everything else between that and her was still plain, so I jut added darker paint directly behind her and decided it looked kind of like a balcony so now she’s got a city view — or something.

Brian is a genius, good thing it’s too early or late or whatever, my sarcasm filters were too slow to respond when he told me that he likes it but that it looks a little too monochromatic. Sadly he had left for work by the time I realized that I should have made some sort of comment about how that was probably because I made a conscious choice to use only a few colours on this one. He also asked me “Is that Lydia?” again I was slow, “Who the hell is Lydia?”, I asked. He reminded me that we’ve just recently watched Beetlejuice and he thinks this girl looks a little like her. Nope! I’d had that face doodled a day or two before then, and I don’t see it myself, but if he does I’ll take it as a compliment.



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