18 August 2008

Tropic thunder

So I went and saw Tropic Thunder this weekend. I'm not sure I get what all of the protesting fuss is about. People are protesting the "black face" which isn't actually technically "black face" per se. They're protesting the word "retard". It's an insulting movie, etc. Ok, I suppose I can see why people would take offense. But it's a comedy. And I thought, and maybe it's just me trying to read more into it than I should? But *I* thought it was a smart, though crude, comedy. One that was spoofing the fact that people are racist idiots who say stupid things. It wasn't a racist movie. It wasn't using the word retard to offend people. If anything, it was MAKING FUN of racists, of people who use the word retard. Or at least that is what I got out of it. So either I'm just trying to make the movie out to be something smarter than it was or others are too quick to judge and weren't giving the movie enough credit.

Personally, I laughed my ass off through most of the movie. Hell, even the previews were good ;) And I'm usually offended by stupid people who are racist, who use words like "retard" or "gay" etc as insults. This movie just didn't offend me. Making fun of how absurd it sounds when people really talk like that = a good thing in fact. The fact that people LAUGHED at it probably means they KNOW it sounds stupid and wrong.



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