02 July 2008

Summer Movies

We went and saw Hancock, I've gotta say they really did one thing right with the marketing of this movie. They put some of the good stuff in the previews, but they left major plot points out of every preview I saw anyway. I'm soooo sick of previews that give away everything in the trailers and then you wonder why you spent over $10 to see an extended version of what you've already seen for free already. So now I've see 4 summer movies - Wall-E, Ironman, Hancock, and Indy. 2 left we plan to see = Batman and Hellboy 2. I'll see Hulk later on PPV or HBO or something because I'm not interested in Hulk but do want to see Ed Norton's version of him.

So now my rating? Wall-E is #1, IronMan and Hancock I'm torn on which is 2 and which is 3 I think they'd go back and forth in the ratings depending on my mood, and #4 is Indy. Sorry I just do not get Indy. I mean I saw one of two of the originals back in the day and they have their moments but I just don't GET why they're soooo huge. I had as much or more fun making fun of it than I did watching it, is that why people like it? If not, then it's just ok, but not great.

Hancock wasn't perfect but was entertaining and my bf was quite thrilled they didn't have some super villain as he thinks they overdo those in superhero movies and he wanted to see one with a more human like hero. In fact he's pretty sure this summer was meant for him... Hancock = a human like hero fighting normal human problems and Wall-e. He was wondering why all of these geeks doing 3-D were giving us nothing but talking animals when they should have wanted to make ROBOTS ;)



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