28 June 2008


Went and saw Wall-E . Cute movie with lots of messages. No review necessary really though I must say I had NO clue what to expect from the preview I saw. I got the impression it might be a save earth from the bad guy movie when really there is no bad guy per se. And my bf thought, from the preview HE saw it was a robot love story -- it is, but it's more than that too. Yeah, just see it I suppose, I won't spoil it. Though for some reason everyone finds it odd that my boyfriend was the one super eager about this movie (no really I've heard nothing but "I wanna see Wall-E" for the last month -- if not longer) and I'm the one announcing "We're only seeing Wall-E first because it comes out before Batman". Apparently people are so hung up on stereotypes still to this day. Only girls can want to see cute cartoon movies and only guys can want to go see comic book superhero movies. Get with the times people.



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