09 June 2008

We went to Universal Studios this weekend... I think my video slideshow sums up the fire.

In other entertainment / Universal Studios related news. The Simpsons ride totally rocks and is probably the only ride that I'd wait in line for a friggin HOUR for again. And I saw STAN LEE!!! And Ed Norton!!! And Lou Ferrigno! and Liv Tyler! And I think they all owe me a latte. Because I only saw them because the green carpet for the Hulk premiere was blocking Starbucks. We were going to get coffee for the ride home and accidentally stumbled upon their walk along said green carpet and never did get coffee.

But meh I saw friggin STAN LEE!! and ED NORTON! But.... NO iced Latte! hrmph :P Dear Ed Norton, Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno, and Liv Tyler -- Please send Starbucks giftcard autographed for my troubles. Thanks ;)



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