01 June 2008

Awards and Universal Studios burnt!

So according to the MTV movie awards Johnny Depp is both funny and scary thanks to his rolls in Pirates (best comedic performance) and Sweeney Todd (best villain)... Frankly, I'm not sure how that man leaves the house, I was pretty sure every woman and some men were gonna break through security and rush on stage to violate him. Really, even the actresses looked as though they'd faint the second he appeared on stage.

Dana Carvey and Mike Myers brought back Wayne and Garth! <3

And Coldplay made me love their song "Viva la Vida" but the iTunes commercial using it being played 378927482790 times on every network may change my love for it. There is too much of a good thing...

And RIP to the Back to the Future set, King Kong, NY street, and another street which is totally slipping my mind now.... Sunday was a sad day here in LA. I only hope they really DO have backups of all of the videos that might have burnt in the vault at Universal Studios... it would be sad to lose art -- ok surely some of what is stored there = BAD tv shows or movies, but still it'd be sad you heartless jerks. Even bad art is art and should never be lost *nods*



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