19 June 2008

Disney owes me a purse to go with the coffee Ed Norton owes me *nod*

Ok nothing exciting in the entertainment world from me! I'm still watching that moment of truth show and feeling guilty as hell for it. Really why do you people go on that show? YES I cheated! YES I did horrible things at work! Yes I'm a bad person! Then... lose it all on some silly question you lied on. Good job. Tear your family apart, ruin your career, your relationship, and get no money! w00t! Good job. Ugh. People will do anything to be on tv and to MAYBE get a buck eh? But then they lie and lose it all? WTF?

Went to Disney California Adventure last weekend. The most boring amusement park btw. Can't wait for all of the new rides. It needs this makeover it's getting. I don't go on the coaster there nor on Tower of terror because I'm unsure that my medical condition will like allow me to handle them. That leaves me with the Mullholland car ride which looks like a kiddie ride but makes my bf sick and the Muppet theater which I friggin love. Well this week the new Toy Story ride opened and we were all grrrr because it was opening Tuesday and we couldn't go during the week but out 2fer ticket expired during the week... so we'd miss it! NOPE! They opened it the day we were there for a sneak peek before the grand opening and before media day! w00t! The line time claimed 50 minutes but it moved so fast we were in and out in 30. It rocked! Better than the Disneyland version. <3

However, while there the Mullholland ride has a bag to sick your bags, hats, etc in as they tend to get lost (if you look at the bottom of the ride there are indeed hats etc down below). While getting out my purse must have gotten caught on said mesh bag because when we got to the bottom I was like wtf? My zipper is broken and where is my Christopher Reeve / Superman Go forward dog tag? He's my real life hero, cannot lose that (or would have to order more). Bf went and found the tag in the car we were in. But need to get a new purse as the zipper is shattered. So now we joke that Edward Norton owes me a latte from my Universal visit and his Hulk premiere blocking Starbucks and Disney owes me a purse.



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