23 June 2008

Ok I'll admit it, I don't really know of Matthew McConaughey. I know he's famous. That's about it. Don't know what he's done, too lazy to look it up, don't care. But I do know he was recently enjoying the Malibu beach and of course paparazzi were stalking him... I don't mean teehee stalking like I joke I do to my online friends.. or going to very public events like movie premieres, clubs, charity events for pics. No I mean following these poor people's every damn moves. I swear they'd video them peeing if they could figure out how. It's stalking and why having a camera and getting paid for it makes it legal is beyond me.

But the surfers at the beach weren't having it and told the stalkers that no one wanted them. I'd like to the video but both videos are from paparazzi sites, so meh. It seemed to start out I suppose threatening but not really -- just no one who lives here or who is here trying to enjoy this beach wants you here. It quickly turned to insults from both sides. In ended with psychical contact but the videos look edited to me since there's two and since well yeah I dunno they're clearly meant to make us all boo hoo those poor innocent paparazzi...

The best point and the one the paparazzi totally fucking missed is someone on the "surfers" side (I think) saying something like yeah come on hit me with it there's kids on the beach. And that's the whole damn point. I don't care who you are, if you want to go to the beach you should be able to go and be left alone, not stalked. Families also there shouldn't worry their little girls will end up in the pics you snapped and posted all over the internet. Etc. If you want to get pics of them get them where it's fair game... where they're "working". Where there in high profile celeb clubs. Whatever. But packs of you following them to gas stations, beaches, etc and affecting "normal" people is just BS, dangerous, and more and more of these scenes will play out and sooner or later in one of your high speed car chases, your blinding camera flashes on public streets, or whatever the hell you stalking job requires someone is going o be SERIOUSLY hurt or killed.



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