05 May 2008

The strike makes me think

Maybe I should rethink this, it's not just tv that teaches me things of course. It's the entertainment industry as a whole. Movies too. The entertainment industry pays my rent. In one way or another it probably pays a lot of peoples rents in SoCal. Not just actors, writers, etc. So many businesses here benefit as was seen by the lost revenues during that writer strike.

My point? I've learned plenty since living here. Mostly, you all owe those you never hear of, never read the names of in credits a lot. My goodness, the hours they work (no, despite that writer strike a lot of others aren't union). The pay may or may not be good (we are talking California here so it's all relative) but even if it is, it may not always be worth it. And the time it can take to complete something you'd miss if you blinked - wow. I never knew. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is going to work himself into a heartattack before his 30th birthday, which is this month.



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