07 February 2007

Inner Dialogue

Who are you?
Yes, you.
I am me.
Anyone can give that answer, are you just like everyone else?
Yes... I mean no... I don't know.
Why don't you know?
I don't know what everyone else is like. Maybe I am like some, or none, or all.
Do you think you're unique?
We all are.
So you are just like everyone else?
I guess.
Do you think you're better than anyone else?
Murderers, rapists, you know the type of people who ruin other people's lives, I am better than them, I hope.
You hope, you're not sure?
Well... I guess I am sure.
You can't guess you're sure, you are or you aren't.
Ok, I am better than those kinds of people.
Is anyone better than you?
Sure, lots of people are.
Does that bother you?
No, not really.
Why not?
If no one were better than me, I'd be perfect, right? Who wants that?
Everyone does.
Not me.
why not?
Too much pressure. No room to grow. Nothing left to aspire to.
Okay. So you're unique just like everyone else, some are better than you, you are better than some, and you're not perfect? 
That about sums it up.

February 7, 2007



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