27 August 2006

Blissfully Unaware

I wrote this in August, it seems.  That makes sense, I was trying to write something for the anniversary of CynDee's death but nothing good was coming to me so I just wrote whatever did come to me, in hopes that it would inspire to write something for her.  I still haven't written something new for hew but I just opened this and decided to leave it as it is and do nothing else with it since it probably says enough as it is.  I think you can tell I was thinking of her at that time even though it's not really written FOR her.

Blissfully Unaware

Sitting on a couch
Blissfully unaware
As someone somewhere
Gets a call
Changing their life 
Forever more

Why me
It's not fair
I never thought 
That this could be
No one ever does

But why not them
Why not you
Sitting on the couch
So blissfully unaware

August 27th, 2006



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