28 June 2006

One of these Days

One of these days
I won't exist 
And then you'll wish 
You'd done it all so differently
And you'll be
Crying over your loss
Over me
When you should be crying now
Over me
Losing faith in you

Right here, right now
You could make it all alright
But you just won't let yourself see
What it is that you've been doing to me

But hey, that's ok, don't you worry
I do enough of that for both of us
Still I find solace in knowing that
One of these days
I won't exist
And then maybe you
You'll finally see
What you'd already lost
Long before
My time comes
And maybe then
You won't do the same
To someone else

And it might be
Sixty years from now
Or maybe it's tomorrow
Who knows
We never get to know
And maybe baby that's my point

It's time to ask yourself
Are you doing all you can
Do you deserve what you've got
Are you giving or just taking
And do you have a clue

One of these days
You'll need to make it right
Before time runs out
And you find that I'm gone
And you've not yet said
Everything you wanted to
Why can't you say it now
Why can't you show me now
Why must you wait for
One of these days

June 28, 2006



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