09 September 2005


We danced like fools 
Next to the car
While the boys just stared at us
We didn’t really care
That night your mom called the cops

Being labeled a bad influence
And banned from your life

You dating the boy 
I swore I’d always love
But loving you enough
To stay in your life
Long after he’d gone away
And how you tried to cheer me up by claiming 
He’d always loved me more than he'd loved you anyway

Moving away only to find
That while my lifelong friends forgot
You never did 
As you sent me cards, mix tapes, and love
From a state or two away
To remind me that you never would

The laughter that we shared 
When you called me up just to say hi and to let me know
Your mom had finally un-banned our friendship
Because she saw how true it was…
And a bad influence I no longer was

A teddy bear cut from a grocery bag
Holding a poem you’d written just for me
Pictures, cards, letters, songs, so many things 
Reminding me of you…

How you always insisted on being my Valentine
Because you knew how much I wanted 
To do nothing but cry and hide
As the ghosts from V-day past snuck into my thoughts
You worked so hard to make me believe
Those old wounds couldn’t hurt me anymore

Through the best and worst of times
Marriages, divorces, kids, school, jobs, everything, anything, and nothing…
Together we learned so many lessons 
About how unfair life can be
And how it will knock you down
So very low that hope seems out of reach
Yet through it all we’d extend our hands to one other
To Lift each other right back up
To stand tall together
Through it all

I'll never be able to clearly explain it,
To help someone to understand 
What having you in my life really meant
For there are simply not enough words 
To express the beauty that is you

Now you’re gone
And I don’t know why
But like I said 
We both knew
How unfair life could be
And still somehow I feel as though 
You’re the one who is getting me through
The pain of losing you

There are some who truly believe 
That nothing lasts forever
And maybe that is true
But I also know that for as long as I breathe
You will forever be a part of me

Because you see, while it's true
That there will never be 
Another birthday, Christmas, V-day, phone call, letter, card, or photo 
Shared by you and me
I promise you my angel
I’ll keep you alive in my heart
A part of my soul forevermore

RIP CynDee (April 3, 1975 - August 27, 2005)

September 9, 2005



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