30 April 2005

Please Don't Let My Dreams Come True

*Explanation* This poem was about a dream that I had, when I awoke I didn't really remember it much other than it was about someone close to me dying, I didn't know who... didn't even think of it again until tonight when I went through my unfinished poems folder. Because it was modified in April of this year and I lost my best Friend in August of this year, I have decided to leave it where it is and call it finished, as nothing I could add to it would work now. The only thing I have changed from what it was is that I added "to" in the line "You came to me" as it obviously was meant to be there. 

Please don’t let my dream come true

Well hello my old friend
It’s me again
Just wanted to see how you are
For you see
Every time that you fade away 
I start envisioning that this will be 
The forever time

I had a dream
A vision if you will
You came to me
To tell me that you’d miss me
That you’re sorry for all of the things we left undone
But tomorrow wasn’t coming
Not for you anyway
All that I could do 
Was wake up
In a river of sweat
Begging someone, anyone
Please don’t let my dream come true.

Modified: Saturday, April 30, 2005, 3:43:45 AM



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