26 January 2005


I’m sorry that I mistook
Everything you said for the whole truth and nothing but
I’m sorry that I never 
Learned to read your mind
Because my dear
You’ve made it all too clear
I was supposed to know 
Everything that you never said

I’m sorry that I failed every test 
You threw my way
I can’t tell you why 
I fear you’d think me crazy 
Or feel a little hurt
Because sometimes it’s hard for me to tell you what I think
What I feel
Why I did what I did 
And why I didn’t do the one thing that I should have
I’m sorry for that too

I’m sorry that you feel the need to hide away from me
Even if it’s usually just for a little while
I’m sure that’s all my doing
Though I don’t know why
You can’t find it in your heart
To stick around
I’m sorry that I make you feel like you can’t

I guess that mostly I’m just sorry
For the path we took
We both seem to think that
It’s possibly the wrong one
And I guess that I was the one 
Who held and read the map
I somehow missed every marker
On every turn I steered us wrong
I’ll remain sorry for that 
For many years to come

I’m sorry that I can never
Say sorry quite enough
To right the wrongs 
That I have done
And mostly I’m just sorry
That you’re not sorry too

January 26, 2005



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