22 January 2005


I am going back in time
On a mission to re-write random acts
From the play that is my life, me

An eraser in one hand, a pen in the other
I wipe out this moment, that sentence, him or her, an action I never should have done
And I fill in the missing pieces
Plotting them all so carefully
Using all of the knowledge I’ve gathered along the way
Re-writing my play the way I know it was meant to be acted out

I try not to blame myself
Yet I know I am the star, director, producer
Partial author
I can’t take full writing credit knowing that sometimes
Co-stars took my words away from me, improvised, filled in their own 
How dare they use their words to write my story
How dare I let them

Doesn’t matter now,
I’m on a mission
Going back in time to re-write my story
My life
My history

With an eraser in one hand, a pen in the other
Skillfully re-mastering this story
An alternate beginning and middle
But my story is not over
Perhaps the ending won’t need a re-write
An editor extraordinaire

And you, who are you to tell me I can’t
It’s so easy for me to see now
The wrongs I need to right, re-write
Yes, I can. I can change them
I can edit it all 
For you see, it’s all in my mind

January 22, 2005



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