27 January 2005

6 pm

Any minute
I’ll be seeing your name
On my computer screen
‘Cause even though you never asked 
For me to meet you here
And I didn’t bother telling you 
When I would appear
We both know 

It’s 6PM
It’s time for you to tell me
What song I really must hear
And it’s time for me to tell you 
How insane I think you are
When you let that girl walk all over you
Because it’s 6 PM

Soon you’ll be entering that everything proof box of yours
But you’ll send me messages from the inside out
Through a window 
That only you and I can see

It’s 6 PM
It’s time for you tell me 
How your day went
And it’s time for me to tell you
How I wish it’d gone instead
Because it’s 6 PM

Well maybe if I’m lucky
I’ll see you in September
And maybe if we get bored 
I’ll just paint you hair 
While you tease me about the cat
And I’ll listen as you tell me all about 
How you want to run away 
From the life you live today
And how maybe you’ll just just break out 
That foldable canoe and sail away

But for now
It’s 6 PM
And we both know that means
It’s time for us to enter our own world
Where everything we say seems real
For at least an hour or two
It’s our time
Because it’s 6 PM

January 27, 2005



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