22 September 2004

Before I Got Sick

Before I got sick
I’d never have to wonder 
Do they mean MS as in Microsoft 
Or MS as in Multiple Sclerosis
As I read on my computer screen
MS is evil

Before I got sick
I couldn't imagine
Having so many x-rays done
That I'd find myself joking
I'll surely be glowing soon

Before I got sick
I’d never have to explain that
When I say I feel tingly
It doesn’t mean that I have a warm and tingly 
Happy feeling deep inside my gut

Before I got sick
I had no idea that before I hit 30 
I’d already be walking like 
My sweet sweet grandma used to 
Just years before she died

Before I got sick 
I’d never imagine
Sticking a needle into my flesh
Every day of the week
No, not a needle full of junk
To make me get high
But instead a needle full of meds that cost more than our rent
To try to prevent more damage to my poor scarred brain

Before I got sick
I’d never heard the word Sarcoidosis
Nor did I know I’d see so many doctors in my lifetime
Let alone in 3 years

Since I got sick 
I'm still the same me 
That you always knew
A little slower
But still
Just me with a new title or two
The girl with MS
The girl with Sarcoid
She’s still just me.

September 22, 2004



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