26 June 2004

A Game

He throws a halo on
and picks a bible up 
a bible filled with all of the words 
that you so desperately wanted to hear
practices before the mirror
verse by verse
until he’s got it just right
making sure it's gonna look real

If you're fooled 
then the game continues
until you realize 
that that's all that it is
a game
nothing more 
and nothing less
just a game
that you're playing
with him

He’s an angel of your own making
playing into your loneliness
being your friend as long as you need one
offering you redemption 
until you believe that 
you're saved

Then you realize 
that it's your move
and you choose how the game will end
claim your victory
as you free that angel
take the wings
and throw on the halo 
ingest the words
deep inside of your soul
and take over that role
become someone else's angel
so the game can be played once more

June 26, 2004



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