11 May 2002


This one is for Brian, my love. Seems like he was moved by it :) Not as good as I hoped it would be but he loved it, that was all that mattered to me, that HE liked it. 

I wasn't looking
for what I found
Had no desire
Left inside

I was tired
I was broken
I had no more dreams
Left to shatter

But then I saw
That look in your eyes
You know the one,
The one that no one else has seen

I felt that look
I felt your words
I felt myself
Come back to life

And while the sky was lighting up that night
So too was my heart

Because that's when I knew
I'd finally found
The one thing
That I never thought I could

I found it all
When I found you

And no more fear
Love that's real

Everything that I could ever ask for
I've had in my life
Since I found You

May 11, 2002



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