24 April 2001


I wrote this when our power went out the other night... Not what I usually write. Still I figured I would put it here cuz I doubt that I will ever change it / edit it / whatever.

Small white candle 
Not very bright
Still it gives to me light
So now I can write

Write while I listen 
The world is quiet
I have music in my mind
I'm taken to so many places
The songs move me right along
True friends
New loves discovered
Dreams are shattered
Lonliness, regrets, and fears
So alive and so dead
I hear it all in the music
The music playing in my mind
Every song reflecting a piece of someone's life

I look towards the window
See a faint reflection
Looking into my own eyes
I know what lies deep inside
I wonder if it's true
Are eyes really the windows to our souls
If they are then can everyone see what hides inside of mine
Is everything that we are reflected in our eyes?

When I look into a mirror 
I don't always like what I see
When I look deeper, so much deeper
I'm pleased with who I am
Reflections of my soul
Say more than the mirror ever could

Now that the lights came back on
Will I remember to see 
What that reflection in the window showed to me

April 24, 2001



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