03 December 1994

Happy & Sad, Good & Bad

he said call me happy 'cause that's what i am
she said call me sad 'cause that's what i am
but sometimes happy's really sad 
and sad is really happy
happy was crying while sad was laughing

but they were good together 
'cause they played their roles just right
i once knew a guy he said to call him bad 
'cause he said that's what he was
i knew another guy who told me he was good
but bad was really good 
and good was really bad

things are not always as they seem 
you sometimes must look deep inside
to find the truth that hides within us all
you might just be surprised 
about what it is you find

happy & sad, good & bad
look inside you might be right 
but you might just find
that happy is really sad and sad is really happy
good is really bad and bad is really good

December 3, 1994



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